Stop the playground tactics and come clean on Water Charges


Following revelations today that families without water meters will have to pay on average €72 more than others, Senator Ronan Mullen described the Government’s introduction of water charges as shambolic.


He said:



“Despite spending tens of millions of euros in taxpayers money over several years on introducing water charges, almost one million householders still haven’t water meters installed and will be obliged to pay a fixed charge rather than manage their water bill. For these million households, it’s reported that the cost will be €72 more on average.”


“This runs contrary to the supposed rationale for introducing water charges in the first place – namely to incentivise householders to reduce water wastage. The fact that one million householders are still not metered shows in the clearest terms that the Government sees this charges as nothing other than another way of taxing Irish families.”


He added that he found the current squabbling among the Government parties on the amount of the charge bizarre. ”It is difficult to believe that no discussion took place at cabinet level previously about the anticipated level of the charge.”


“This is an issue that is being raised on the doorsteps. It weighs heavily on the minds and finances of every household in the country. It seems to me that the level of the charge, like the property tax, is going only one way – upwards. ”It’s time for the Government to stop the playground tactics and come clean to the tax-payer on this,” Senator Mullen conclude