Sinn Féin must not attack McConville investigation

Responding to the fact that Sinn Féin has said the timing of the arrest of party leader Gerry Adams is ‘politically motivated’, Senator Ronan Mullen has said that Sinn Féin must not attack or undermine the McConville investigation.
“For Sinn Féin to state that the arrest is politically motivated is unbelievable,” Senator Mullen said. The long-running investigation into the heinous murder of mother of ten Jean McConville should not have to pause until Sinn Féin and its candidates have the election out of the way. If they expect that, it beggars belief. If it expects the PSNI to postpone its investigations until after the elections, Sinn Féin is itself seeking to politicise the arrest of Gerry Adams.”
“The investigation of crimes must not defer to election timetables to suit Sinn Féin or any other party. It shows how out of touch political party leadership can become that they should think otherwise. Deputy Mary Lou Mc Donald, who was vocal last evening on this issue, would have been the first to condemn Fianna Fail if, for example, they had asked for the Anglo Irish trial to be postponed until after the election.”
“The reality is that the PSNI needs to talk to Gerry Adams to further its investigation at this time. Any person holding public office should be more than willing to assist.”
“The McConville family have waited for 30 years. It would be an insult to justice to require them to wait even a day longer, simply to suit the Sinn Féin party’s electoral strategy,” Senator Mullen concluded.