Register to Vote

To download the NUI Registration form, click on this image

What is the Seanad Register?

The Seanad Éireann Register published on 1st June each year is a list of the names, addresses and qualifications of NUI graduates who may vote in Seanad Éireann elections (NUI constituency). The Seanad Register may be used only for electoral purposes. There is an Edited Seanad Éireann Register which may be used for commercial purposes. Both registers are available for purchase.



Who is on the Register?

NUI graduates, other than honorary graduates, who are citizens of Ireland and who have claimed to be registered as voters.
Registration on the register is not automatic; graduates must claim to be registered.

Claims/Registration forms must be received at the NUI Office by 26th February in any given year.


How do I claim to be registered?

Graduates must complete, sign and return to National University of Ireland a Registration Claim Form.

Note: There is currently no provision in the Seanad Electoral (University Members) Acts, 1937-2015, for online registration or for the use of electronic signatures. For this reason there is no facility for online registration.

The downloadable version of the Registration Claim Form (below) may be completed on screen using your computer. The claimant should then print and sign the form. The form can then be scanned and attached to an email and sent to or posted to Records Office, National University of Ireland, 49 Merrion Square, Dublin 2.

Download Registration Claim / Graduate Update Form