‘Punch and Judy’ show must end says Mullen

Public are entitled to an acceptable quality drinking water

Independent European Election Candidate Ronan Mullen has described as ‘bizarre’ any talk from the Government about a standing charge for water when families in some areas could not risk drinking the water coming into their own homes.

Senator Mullen was speaking after meeting with campaigners for clean drinking water on Wednesday, during which representatives of the Connemara Action Group in Clifden, Co. Galway briefed him on the contamination of the local water supply.

Senator Mullen said:
“I was shocked to see the filthy water that this community is expected to accept. I can say with certainty that if this quality of water was coming through the taps at Government buildings or the house of any member of the Government, the situation would be promptly dealt with.”

“I urge the Minister and Irish Water to address this situation without further delay. The tax-payer paid handsomely in consultancy fees to set up Irish Water and the least that can be expected is that families should be able to rely on the water coming through their own taps.”

Senator Mullen also stated that people who getting less than 100% quality water should not be liable to pay any water charges, standing charges or otherwise.

“Talk of standing charges in such a scenario is bizarre.The public has grown weary of the Punch and Judy show going on between Labour and Fine Gael on water charges. If these politicians spent the same time and energy dealing with the issue of water quality, the problem would be well resolved,” Senator Mullen concluded.


Senator Ronan Mullen pictured with Liam Allen of Connemara Action Group and a sample of local water in Clifden, Co. Galway on Wednesday.