Property Tax Extension won’t ease financial suffering for many

Responding to the news today that the local property tax deadline has been extended until 5pm on Wednesday, Senator Ronan Mullen, Independent Candidate for Europe, said:
“This is an issue which has been raised with me by many home-owners around the country and which I sought to highlight in recent weeks.  The decision to extend the deadline, while welcome, simply won’t make a difference to the many struggling families across the country. It is clear that the tax is proving a massive burden for ordinary working families, many of whom will pay the tax but suffer immensely as a result.”
He continued:
“The high compliance rates is proof that the people of Ireland are doing their best to keep their heads above water but again, I call on the Revenue Commissioners to show understanding of peoples’ circumstances and show compassion towards the many home-owners who are trying their best to pay this tax but simply cannot. One way to show such understanding would be to expand the deferral options available to taxpayers.”
“The fact that up to 10,000 people are reported to have been in touch with the Revenue Commissioners by telephone over the last several days shows that the Government’s information campaign has not been good enough in particular in respect of how the property tax relates to the old Household Charge.   It would be very troubling if people who tried to comply with the deadline but were simply unable to, would be treated like criminals’, he concluded.
For those who have questions or queries about their property tax liability or want to find out whether they can qualify for deferral of the tax, they can telephone the Revenue Local Property Tax helpline on 1890 200 255