Press Releases

College applications based on pre-2020 Leaving Cert must be treated favourably in coming days – Senator Mullen

19.08.2020: Mullen calls on Minister for Education to “reverse discriminatory move against fee-paying schools”

10.07.2020: Ireland’s diminishing status in the fight against Human Trafficking is an alarming development – Mullen

16.04.2020 : Special Oireachtas Commmittee on Covid 19 crisis needed

03.04.2020: Nursing home healthcare deployment welcomed but urgent accommodation initiative needed to prevent Covid death disaster, Mullen says

11.12.19 Mullen introduces legislation to shield schools and teachers from ‘schoolyard accident’ lit

3.12.19 News Release: Mullen secures funding commitment for National Platform for Self-Advocates

2.12.19 Sr. Consilio Fitzgerald and Cuan Mhuire to receive 5th Oireachtas Human Dignity Award

21.11.19 Mullen calls for ‘stay of execution’ on Cuisle closure to facilitate rescue plan

11.09.19 Mullen To Introduce Legislation To Cap Celebrity Broadcaster Pay

5.11.19 Unedited reshowing of Late Lates would provide ‘valuable social history’

News Release: New Northern Ireland abortion law the opening of another dark chapter

26.09.19: Mullen welcomes Garda Commissioner view that abortion facility ‘safe access’ zones

17.09.19 RTÉ reforms should not worsen existing regional imbalances – Senator Rónán Mullen

Taoiseach should reflect on ‘priest’ remark and “come back with something more generous”, Senator Mullen says

Government must narrow the gap between rhetoric and reality on autism school supports – Senator Rónán Mullen

Mullen criticises failings around burial of deceased asylum seeker, Sylva Takula

Urgent action required to address mental health needs of asylum seekers in direct provision – Senator Rónán Mullen

Motion calling on Government to adequately resource psychiatric care with focus on asylum seekers to be debated tomorrow in Seanad Éireann

Minister has no idea how much new healthcare scheme will cost taxpayer

Government should question treatment of Irish children by Australian and New Zealand immigration – Senator Mullen

‘Quick and cost-effective inquiry’ the only way forward in FAI loan affair – Senator Mullen

Senator Rónán Mullen raises plight of family of child with Down Syndrome denied entry to New Zealand

Mullen expresses support for Galway suicide prevention and River Corrib safety petition

Amhrán na bhFiann should be taught in every national school – Senator Rónán Mullen

State has questions to answer about how it encourages some forms of gambling – Senator Mullen

Government must address teachers’ concerns over lack of resources for special needs education – Rónán Mullen

Sensationalist coverage of Mother and Baby Home investigation does a disservice to former residents and to the people of Tuam – Senator Mullen

Mothers against the ban on help outside abortion centres – Be Here for Me group gives briefing in Leinster House

Mullen challenges Housing Minister on discrepancy between Departmental and COPE Galway home

Signing into law of abortion legislation represents “tragic reversal of Ireland’s history of defending the most vulnerable”

Statement by Senators Rónán Mullen and Brian Ó Domhnaill: Seanad rejects humane amendments even on pain relief for unborn babies

Ceann Comhairle presents Br Kevin Crowley with 4th Oireachtas Human Dignity Award for ‘50 years of heroism’

Senator Mullen challenges abortion legislation timetable and calls for amendments to reflect full range of views

Speech in Seanad Éireann regarding Blasphemy Referendum

Attempts to radicalise abortion law underway even before the ink dry on repeal – Senator Mullen

Eighth Amendment Committee – Minority Report

‘What’s happening to us as a country?’ Treatment of Brazilian au pair raises important questions.

RTÉ Director General suggests doubling of licence fee. What planet?

Should Irish be a requirement for the Presidency of NUI Galway?

Need to revamp rules on funding orphan medicinal products

Loans for third-level education? We shouldn’t be afraid to discuss it

Senator Mullen welcomes progress on Mediation Bill 2017

Senator Mullen’s Speech on George Soros and Hungary at the Council of Europe

Senator Mullen Appointed Rapporteur on Palliative Care Report

Senator Mullen Delivers Guest Lecture on Easter Rising Leader at Stonyhurst College

Sunday Independent Interview – ‘My family will celebrate Father’s Day, but dad won’t’

Mullen condemns ‘shambolic’ HSE policy for mental health services in Galway

Children’s Bill “wrecks” Government’s credentials on defending best interests of children

Urgent measures needed to tackle housing crisis in Galway

HSE spending taxpayers’ money on spin doctors rather than real doctors

Rapid Prompting Method

Track My Crime

Junior Cycle Reform

Reform ‘Direct Provision’ system

Box 2

Failure to debate RTE tax is political cowardice says Mullen

Linchpin of maternity services in West under threat

Sending children and adults with mental illness abroad a scandal – Senator Rónán Mullen

RTÉ Prime Time election debate panel only serves to support status quo

New law will mean tougher sentences for thugs who target elderly – Mullen

Mullen calls Government’s bluff on water charges

“Government must change its attitude to care of elderly,” says Mullen

“Closure of Leisureland until 2015 a disaster” says Mullen

Intimidating campaign on Household Charge must stop

‘Punch and Judy’ show must end says Mullen

Time to put up the ‘For Sale’ signs

Sinn Féin must not attack McConville investigation

Every little does hurt, says Mullen

Barracks closures false economy says Mullen

Time to tackle lazy landlords, Mullen says during Offaly visit

Ireland’s language lag affecting our competitiveness

Why are we still being QUANGOed?

Stop the playground tactics and come clean on Water Charges

Government must come clean on waste

Undue hardship caused by Probate delays

Have your say. Register to vote before it’s too late

Integrated and proactive approach to rural economy needed

Local Communities should decide fate of ghost estates

“Introduce Lobbying Legislation Now” says Mullen

Mandatory Septic tank upgrades could cost householders thousands

Exorbitant roaming rates may be abolished

Mullen Welcomes EU Proposals to cap Credit Card costs

Please don’t repeat Irish Water fiasco in new health care plan says Mullen

Property Tax Extension won’t ease financial suffering for many

‘Must try harder’, Minister Quinn, says Mullen

No “Fair Deal” for elderly farmers says Senator Mullen

Mullen welcomes announcement of signing of contract for Gort – Tuam motorway

Senator Mullen welcomes reinstatement of Letterkenny Hospitals Chapel

Government has failed to honour post office pledge

‘It’s time politicians switched their loyalty to the voters’

Senator Mullen Warns against erosion of healthcare services in Galway

Mullen condemns curbs on community credit

Mullen slams lack of EU funds available to Storm Damage Victims

Budget robbed Irish people ‘from the cot to the casket’