Mullen calls Government’s bluff on water charges

Independent European Election Candidate Ronan Mullen has described as a ‘political scam’ the Governments proposals on water charges.
Senator Mullen was speaking after meeting with voters in Galway today and said that the recent Punch and Judy show from the Government on the issue of water charges was nothing other than a political manoeuvre to stop Fine Gael and Labour canvassers being chased from doors all over the country.
He said:
“It is clear that the coalition, and in particular the Labour Party are being attacked at the doors for lying to the people prior to the last election, and they needed to do something to save face. The charade that the Government parties are keeping up about negotiations over water charges, when clearly they had been discussing the details of the costs to be levied against households for many months, is insulting to the voters who will be paying these charges for evermore.”
“Nobody should be fooled about the Government’s real intention. The current proposed cost of water is just the start of a charge that they intend to increase year on year.
“It’s time to call the Government’s bluff. I challenge Minister Hogan not to ignore the distress of the hard-working people of this country and to fix the cost of water for a period for five years. This would be seen an act of goodwill towards the already stretched families across Ireland. They deserve no less,” Senator Mullen concluded.