‘It’s time politicians switched their loyalty to the voters’

– Mullen says political culture must change

Independent Senator Rónán Mullen launched his European Election campaign last night with a call on fellow politicians to honour their election promises and to respect the people who elected them. Speaking in the Galway’s Ardilaun Hotel, Senator Mullen said that Irish people had lost trust in politics and that there was a real need to change the political culture of blind party loyalty.

“It is a sad scenario but many of our politicians have loyalty to party so ingrained in their psyche that they refuse to think for themselves or for the people they represent. This has had disastrous effects both economically and socially. Politicians’ loyalty must be to the people elect them. There is a real need for change in the political culture in Ireland.”

Senator Mullen said that too often established politicians were not critical of Europe. He said it was important to make sure that the European Union worked for Ireland and that not all EU funding was availed of.

Ireland has a poor record in drawing down from various EU funds. So many people are unaware that these funds are available and if they are discovered the red tape in applying is prohibitive. I want to achieve positive outcomes for the Midlands-North West region. I promise to stand up for communities, for jobs, for human dignity for the region, both in Europe and at home.


Senator Mullen also said he would not hesitate to challenge EU institutions where they interfered too much in matters that should be determined by member states. “Where the EU works for Ireland I will support it, but when the EU poses dangers to our national interest I will highlight these and stand against them.”