“Introduce Lobbying Legislation Now” says Mullen

Commenting on the further controversy that has arisen today regarding Rehab and the refusal of certain witnesses to appear before the Oireachtas Public Accounts Committee, Senator Ronan Mullen said that the Government must now deal with the issue of paid lobbyists such as Mr. Frank Flannery and introduce without any delay the proposed Regulation of Lobbying Bill, promised last year.


“The matter of Mr. Flannery double-jobbing as a paid political lobbyist is well recorded but there is nothing in law to prevent this type of abuse occurring again and the Government must now stop dragging its heels on the matter and bring forward the necessary legislation.” he said.


“Politics depends on trust.  Public trust in our political institutions is essential. There is something profoundly alarming about political cartels exercising undue influence over government decision making, putting private gain before national interests.

“This Regulation of Lobbying Bill has been too long in the making and has no doubt been delayed by some who are seeking to have its original proposals watered down.  The legislation was promised before the end of 2013 yet to date, there is still no sign of its introduction” he added.


“The people of Ireland deserve to know if those who are seeking to influence Government policy are on the payroll of a third party ” he concluded.