Intimidating campaign on Household Charge must stop

Senator Rónán Mullen, Independent Candidate for Europe, has called the Revenue Commissioners’ current campaign on the Household Charge ‘profoundly intimidating’.


Speaking from Athlone today, Senator Mullen said that he had been contacted by several people who were alarmed by letters they had received from the Revenue Commissioners over recent days demanding immediate payment of the Household Charge and threatening that their employers would be contacted and payment sought from their wages at source.


He said:


“This approach seems very heavy-handed.  All the people who had contacted me had bought their houses in the past several years and in all cases, the household charge had in fact been paid up to date for their properties.  The letter states that people would be given 14 days to organise payment of the tax but in some cases by the time the people had received the letters the 14 day deadline had nearly expired.”


“Given that this was the first these home-owners had heard from the Revenue Commissioners, to receive such a threatening letter seems over the top.  I am urging the Revenue Commissioners to re-examine the way in which they are seeking to collect this tax.  It is profoundly intimidating and unfair to send such threatening letters without any prior notice.”


“Families around Ireland are already struggling to meet their daily needs.  The extra pressure of threatening correspondence is disproportionate and unnecessary”, Senator Mullen concluded.