Exorbitant roaming rates may be abolished

Senator Ronan Mullen, Independent Euro candidate has welcomed last week’s European Parliament vote which proposes ending telephone roaming charges throughout Europe describing the move as good for consumers and in particular good for those living in the border counties.


He said:


“This proposal, if approved by the Council of Ministers and introduced Europe-wide, will mean that business and private mobile phone users living in the border counties will no longer be charged exorbitant rates simply because their signal moves from one side of the border to the other.  While some mobile phone companies make provision for this problem, the abolition of roaming charges will deal it once and for all.  Cross-border trade will clearly benefit also as this will take away the fear people have of using their own phones either side of the border.


“These changes will also make it easier for tourists and people who need to travel for business throughout Europe and I urge the Government Minister who attends the Council of Ministers meeting on behalf of Ireland to firmly back these proposals”, Senator Mullen concluded.