Every little does hurt, says Mullen

This Thursday’s carbon tax increase should be seen for what it is – another tax on the hard-working families of Ireland, says Independent Senator and European Election candidate, Ronan Mullen.

“This is not just a tax on families but a tax on poorer, more vulnerable, people. It is the worst example yet of the regressive taxes being introduced by this Government. It takes absolutely no account of a person’s ability to pay.”

“On May 1, the so-called carbon tax will add €1.20 to the price of a bag of coal and 24 cents to the price of a bale of briquettes. This tax was originally spun as a source of ring-fenced funding for insulation programmes but this fiction has been abandoned by the Government.”

“I would remind the Labour Party of the slogan they used before the last General Election – ‘Every little hurts’. Unfortunately it seems that to the Labour party it was just that – a slogan.”

“Whoever leads the Labour Party should grasp that each new tax the Government now imposes causes severe pain to already hard-pressed people.”

“It does matter and it does hurt,” he concluded.