Budget robbed Irish people ‘from the cot to the casket’

Budget robbed Irish people ‘from the cot to the casket’ – Senator Mullen
Elderly are “carrying the burden of Government’s choices”

Independent Senator and European Election candidate Rónán Mullen has criticised the Government for targeting older people unfairly in the budget.

“It seems like the Irish people were robbed from the cot to the casket and the elderly are carrying the burden of the Government’s choices. The offering free GP care for the under fives was simply a smokescreen. You had €37 million being spent on this move but €149 million is to be taken away from the medical card budget.

“If one group is benefiting at the expense of another we are no closer to the universal healthcare that the Government has been touting. This certainly rings true for the 35,000 people over 70 who will lose their medical cards, bearing in mind that since 2011 the cost of prescriptions have increased more than tenfold.”

“Compounding the attack on the elderly is the Government’s decision to scrap the €9.50 telephone allowance for pensioners. The scrapping of the €850 death benefit to help families with funeral costs meant that not even the dead were safe.”

Senator Mullen said that the budget’s employment measures would not affect the numbers taking a plane out of Ireland. “The Government investing a total of €1 million for start your own business schemes seems to be merely a stunt to me.”