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Ronan Mullen is an independent candidate who stands for more than just getting elected.

Rónán is a man who will fight for our communities in Europe. Please give him your No. 1 vote or highest possible preference in May 2014.

Rónán says: “There is an increasing appetite for change in Irish politics. Support for independent politicians in particular continues to grow. People realise that political parties cannot be trusted to honour their election promises. There has been justified outrage over the failure to respect TDs’ and Senators’ deepest convictions on a range of issues.”

The way to ensure new voices are heard is to elect fresh independent thinkers. With more and more decisions affecting Ireland being made at EU level, now is an important time for voters to think about Ireland’s future, and to vote for a candidate who can defend Irish interests effectively. With Rónán, what you see is what you get: principled, courageous and clear politics. No spin, no broken promises, no bending to any party leadership.

Please give Rónán Mullen your No. 1 vote in this year’s European Elections in Midlands-North-West constituency. Why not ask your family and friends to do the same?

We need a new style of politics, which has honesty at its core

Rónán says: “It is damaging to democracy when people are consistently lied to about jobs, hospitals and services. It reduces the engagement of citizens with issues, it leads to apathy and a hopelessness about politics. I know that feeling. I have felt betrayed by the political establishment in this country. I have felt let down.

When we are lied to over issues like abortion legislation, hospital closures and local services, we can be lied to about other things as well. A report in 2012 to the Department of Education recommended the closure of small schools. We are told by the Minister for Education that this will not happen. Can we believe him? Another issue is Eirgrid’s plan to erect massive pylons and high-voltage electricity lines across the country. How can we trust politicians not to ignore the communities affected and push ahead with this project?

Constant political betrayal should be a cause of great concern for all Irish people, irrespective of party allegiance.”

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